According to Cnel (State Institute of Economy and Labour) in the seventh report on the «Indices of integration of immigrants in Italy», Emilia Romagna is the region with the highest potential for integration in Italy.

Social conformation in the province of Parma, with particular reference to the dynamics of Indian immigration in the area, is changing at a strong pace, proposing changing scenarios and renewed challenges.

The core of this report is one of the D.O.P. products, “made in Italy” par excellence, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, “survives” thanks to the Indian workforce.

Multiculturalism, dialogue and reception have become in a space other than the multi-ethnic metropolis, they are shown in an area which interprets the differences and silently translates them into wealth, growth, trade. It is read effortlessly among the gestures of the Indian engaged in the agriculture, stalls and dairy sectors of the place where – over time – they share knowledge of a tradition that belongs to the Parma area, its history and its excellence.

Combining a journalistic-social view with the indiscretion of the camera lens, this project aims to tell about a territory in flux: explore moments, faces, everyday life and aspirations of one of the races, the Indian, which is located in a valuable area for the Italian economy, and sees the succession of new generations and the development of previously unseen relations with the scenarios of the place and its inhabitants.