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Since August 2018, the north-east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been experiencing an epidemic of Ebola: the second most lethal in history and the first in a wartime situation. It has already killed over 1900 people and infected over 2800.

This Ebola epidemic has caused the highest number of children infected and killed in history: over 30% of those affected are under the age of 18, and this “massacre of the innocents” shows no signs of coming to an end.

The report illustrates this dramatic situation, describing what happens daily in the city of Beni, the epicentre of the disease and an area under siege by the rebel militias the zone is plagued with. Also covered is the work carried out by the medical and healthcare operators in an attempt to contain the spread of the disease and treat the sick. Checkpoints, collection of the sick and the deceased, decontamination of homes, vaccinations and treatment centres.

Funerals, transfer of the sick, encounters with survivors and relatives of the victims are among the moments depicted, offering an understanding of the psychosis, phobia and despair the people of North Kivu are tormented by, caught between endemic insecurity and the spread of a virus that continues to kill people, especially children, every day.