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The Democratic Republic of the Congo is an area marked by lethal conflict, where war has killed over six million people since 1945. It is the richest country in the world in terms of resources, yet its people are among the poorest on the planet.

Formerly known as Zaire, the Congo has been violently exploited, and has been supplying all kinds of raw materials since the days of Leopold II of Belgium. In exchange, it has received little but war, corruption, death, disease, hunger, mercenaries, child soldiers and rape.

Rape, sexual violence, abuse of women: this is the tragedy within the tragedy of this African country, for which there appears to be no way out. Every year, 15,000 women are raped: an average of 2 an hour.

Sexual violence in the Congo remains first and foremost a weapon of war, and is the darkest of the horrors in this African heart of darkness.