Kivu, the “Region of the great lakes” since 22nd jenuary 2009, when Laurent Nkunda, leader of the CNDP rebels, was defininitevely defeated, arrested and imprisoned in Rwanda , seems once again on the verge of a cicil war. Finding fertile ground is religion: the search for the arcane in a world gone astrey seems the only place to seek refuge; estranging oneself from a situation which leaves room for nothing, not even hope.

In Kivu peopple pray everywhere. They pray on the street, in the squares, in the churches and in the “prayer rooms”.

They pray the pagan gods, sorceres, the Christian God.

Traveling across a country tormented and perennialy on the brink of disintegration, this news report tells of the events which fit somewhere between religion and superstition. It investigates the relationship between reality and the escape from it through the uncounscious, faith, and the negatione of the self. Through the delirious apologia of the Revival Churches, the mysteries unveiled by sects, by wafumo sorcerers or the wailing children accused of witchcraft, to arrive at the most espressive fringes of Catholicism.

In a world in which every action is losing its original meaning to remain as if suspended, everything seems to be collapsing only to become impregnated with a renewed faith, just to continue living.